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Log Profiles/Species

Our logs are kiln-dried eastern white pine and are pre-cut for all door and window openings. You can choose from 8 different log profiles.

Log Home
Package Contents

We have extensive material packages.  Honest Abe offers a low price guarantee on full material packages.  "Honest Abe will meet or beat the price of any competitor’s comparable log home, log cabin or timber frame home package. That’s a promise...."

Timber Frame Systems

Timber frame homes are another option.  With a Timber Frame home you have more freedom to use conventional materials for the exterior of your home while keeping the warm feeling with the exposed interior timbers.


Honest Abe founder, the late Doug Smith, operated under the philosophy, "If you're going to make your living in wood products, you must have practices in place to keep renewing those raw materials, and you need to use every part of a log you can."

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